PHOTOS: A behind the scenes look at LET’S BUILD SPACE

Moon Paintbrush.jpg

To recreate the iconic photo of Buzz Aldrin on the moon, I built a set with a mixture of concrete dust and baking flour. I built a lunar lander and positioned LEGO Neil Armstrong to appear like he is taking the photo. This one was time consuming but rewarding to try to recreate the all the details of the original.

Morning Commute BTS.jpg

I used dry ice submerged in warm water to create that Florida morning fog effect. It was so cool looking that I was scrambling to get the pictures and video captured before it evaporated.

Blast off BTS.jpg

I used a 10 inch led light stick behind the translucent Lego bricks to get the glowing fire effect.  The only way I could get a clear shot of the sky was to set this up on the roof.  Thankful for a flat roof.

Launch Platform BTS.jpg

After the kids are in bed, I’ll often sneak the LEGO bins out of their rooms to work on my projects. Thank goodness for Bricklink. Otherwise there would be a lot of missing parts from my kid’s sets. Also my wife is a saint for letting me make this mess.


This was my first build! I took inspiration from the International Space Station. While you only see LEGO in my photos, sometimes I use other materials to make the photos work. This capsule is wrapped in Cinefoil and gaff tape to keep light from coming through the cracks.


In some cases, my cell phone out performed the expensive DSLR. It was able to focus on a subject 3-4 inches away, put more of the image in focus, and give you this “in the moment” feel.

Garage Rover.jpeg

I have a background in film so I often sketch out ideas in storyboard format to figure out composition, lighting, etc. This one is for “The Unveiling.”


I accidentally shattered a 3 x 6 foot glass tabletop right before a kid play date at my house. The shapes of sharp glass seemed interesting to me and so I kept some to see if I could create a environment for a LEGO photo.


This is me attempting to fake the red dirt on Mars. It didn’t work. I have a decent amount of photos ideas that don’t make the cut.


Coastal rock formations on Jupiter Island, FL. The wind caught this rover perched on top and it came crashing down.


I did a flotation test with the lunar module recovery team before I drove out to the coast to shoot “Splash down.” This was my last photo taken on this phone. Turns out the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not waterproof.