Hello, I’m Jonathan.

I’m a photographer, videographer, and lifelong builder with LEGO. I’d blame the obscene amount of LEGO in my house on my kids but the truth is, it’s my happy place.

In 2008, my wife and I moved from Texas to Florida. We live less than an hour from Cape Canaveral and have been fascinated by the shuttles and rockets we’ve seen launch into orbit over the years. I think the subject of space has, literally, unlimited photo potential. I was inspired by other LEGO photographers who have mastered the use of practical effects on a small scale. I spent time experimenting and figuring out how to approach the elements of light, smoke, fire, water, and zero gravity.

LET’S BUILD SPACE was created to celebrate space exploration both historically and comically. My passion is to capture moments from the point of view of LEGO astronauts, that not only feel real but express emotion and make you smile. I invite you to immerse yourself into these scenes. I hope to make your day a bit brighter.  Enjoy!